Why 2019 is the Best Year to sell your Home


A lot of real estate experts predict that this year is an excellent year for homeowners or estate owners to find their properties some great potential buyers. If you’re already considering to put your property up for sale soon, here are the top reasons why you should auction them off this year:

Low-ish Rates of Interest

The mortgage percentage rates for real estates have been shockingly low for the past few months of early 2019. Instead of increasing, as should be the case as per the previous year’s performance, the rate has gradually lowered even more as months pass by. Experts safely predict that interest rates will remain low for the rest of the year.

What could this mean for home sellers? Well, it means that this is a good year to find new homes that have a sensible and low-dividends rate. As a homeowner, you must take the initiative to grab the opportunity than waiting for another one to come.

New Buyers are continuously Entering the Market

Since the return rates are low this season, more people are looking out for a new house to buy. You as well should take advantage of the price discount brought about by low mortgage interest rates. Also, housing inventories are not exactly at the highest right now, that’s why there are numerous first-time buyers that are out and about.

Most of these new buyers are actually millennials. It is reported that they take a huge chunk of the buyer’s share. Comparing the number of potential customers this year to the previous years, the possibility of successfully selling your house is higher and more realistic. Sure, your listing might sit around for a couple of days before someone decides to contact you. But the fact remains true that there are lots of home seekers out there. All you have to do is have patience. Who knows, you might actually earn a decent amount of revenue for selling your property now rather than later.