Vuzix Blade Eyeglasses: A Tool to Identify Criminals


With the aim to help fight crimes, Vuzix introduced its recent smart technology to Dubai authorities.

According to Vuzix, they provided the local police of Dubai with 50 brand-new Vuzix Blade Eyeglasses in the first outing of their campaign to reduce crime. The said the eyeglasses are capable of recognizing people with malicious characters, including those people who committed crimes locally and abroad.

Vuzix assured that their eyeglasses would work even amidst hundreds of crowds. As long as a person is recorded in the database, there’s no way that he or she can escape the powerful built-in scanner of the Vuzix Blade Eyeglasses.

To perfect the said face recognition eyeglass, Vuzix partnered with a Dubai-based app developer named NNTC. They developed the iFalcon Face Control and integrated it to the latest prototype of Vuzix face recognition smart glasses.

Dmitry Doshaniy, NNTC general manager, expressed that they are very happy to do this kind of innovation with an American AI and virtual reality giant. He said that Vuzix is very receptive to feedback and considered their idea in the development of the Vuzix Blade Eyeglasses.

What are the Challenges of Vuzix Blade Eyeglasses?

Though it is deemed to reduce crime significantly, the integration of Vuzix Blade Eyeglasses as part and parcel of Dubai’s law enforcement reaped a strong opposition.

People highlighted that this kind of device is just a decoy for another scientific plot of monitoring people around the world.

The same clamor of barring smart devices is also gaining ground in the U.S. In fact; San Francisco city authorities decided to ban these devices from getting into the mainstream market.

Despite some skeptics, Vuzix assured that its technology would cause no harm to the people of Dubai. What the company wants is just to help prevent crimes using advanced technologies.

Whether this innovation flourishes in Dubai or not, only time can tell.