Hackers Defeat Bulgaria’s Cyber Defense Anew

This time, the intruders targeted the country's tax revenue office and divulged sensitive information of 5 million people.

After compromising the Commercial Registry less than a year ago, hackers again successfully breached the cyber defense of Bulgaria. This time, the intruders targeted the country’s tax revenue office and divulged sensitive information of 5 million people. Considering that the standing population of Bulgaria is around 7 million, this cyber attack is regarded as a huge one.

According to Asen Genov, blogger and a political strategist, the people must be angry with this massive computer glitch. The government must look into this matter very seriously and sanction those responsible for the intrusion. The last time that the blogger checks his profile online, he found out that his personal information already spread across the internet.

IT experts looked into the recent cyber attack, and they found out that the criminals used a simple way of breaking the country’s online security.

Computer expert Guy Bunker said that the government offices are at high-risk of these computer hacks. This is because the hackers would always prefer to break the cyber walls of agencies that hold vital data. 

Based on the reports from the different cybersecurity firms, the hackers who broke the security of government offices are indeed highly skilled. They are very knowledgeable on how a computer works and how to manipulate the binary schemes. But unfortunately, the means of accessing the vital information from the government websites have become easier nowadays. This is a serious thing for this means that even if you’re not a computer geek, you can still take sensitive information from people you barely know.

Just recently, the police arrested a 20 years old cybersecurity worker alleged as one of the culprits of the recent Bulgarian online hack. The police are currently interrogating the suspect to get more information regarding the said cybercrime.