Four Strategies to Project the Future and Gain Dominance


Renowned leadership strategist Robert Tucker expressed the dire need for people to predict future events. If you are engaged in a business venture, you must improve yourself as early as now. 

Robert said that the path to becoming successful is not definite. However, if you apply some logical calculations, don’t be surprised if you’ll come out successful.

Here are the four strategies that you can apply to make sure that you are not running your business blinded.

  1. Signal. Learn how to process every bit of information coming in and out from your end. Put together various circumstances at once and derive if it is telling you something. Once you’ve formulated a more scientific way of perceiving things, you can trust your instinct more than ever before.
  2. Think Ahead. Don’t be afraid of acting like an economist and predict things. Assess the trend and calculate how this will go along after a couple of weeks. You can benchmark or read the insights of legit market analysts, but don’t limit yourself. Do your tasks of weighing things and decide based on your perception.
  3. Update Yourself. If you don’t help yourself, you will end up stagnant and old. You need to think of innovation and apply it to your business. From the magazines in the public library to the latest T.V. commercial, you can find brilliant ideas.
  4. Dream High. If you do not want to succeed, you will never find that nerve to keep grinding. That’s why you need to dream big and ask for more financial gains. And this will only happen if you pair your ambition with unceasing eagerness to lead in your chosen field.

Robert said that the economy is indeed unpredictable. For instance, who would have thought that China would face such a terrible trade war versus the U.S.? He said that there’s no way to see the entire details of the future events, in any realm. But if you apply these four strategies, you will never end up crying despite how drastic the changes are.