BMW Joins Fray in Brake-by-Wire System


The need to conserve energy paved the way for the production of more electric vehicles (EV). Aside from conserving energy better than traditional cars, EVs have better performance in terms of acceleration and propulsion than fuel-powered cars. Other advantages of driving EVs include lower maintenance, cheaper running cost, and cleaner smoke emission.  Electric vehicles also ensure better steering and gearbox performance.

Electrically-run Brake (Brake-by-wire System)

Electric vehicles of today employ a different technology on brakes. Specifically the brake-by-wire system or the electrically-run brake. This technology is simply more efficient than the traditional brake technology.

The pioneers of this brake system are the Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8 sedans. Due to the efficiency of the brake-by-wire system, 63 percent of the total cars in the UK already shifted to this technology. And BMW is joining in the fray to adapt to the latest trends.

5 Benefits of Brake-by-wire System That you Must Know in 2019

1. Silent Driving. You cannot find mechanical parts in the brake-by-wire system; thus, you will not hear any noise or feel vibration upon stepping on the brake pedal.

2. Fast Reaction. Brake-by-wire system ensures an immediate brake response; thus, you will never overshoot in your next park.

3. Environment-friendly. Since the brake-by-wire system does not need brake fluid, you can also help the environment. Brake fluid and other fuel discharges are harmful when they get into bodies of water or combined with the soil.

4. Lighter in Weight.  Cars employing the brake-by-wire system are considerably lighter (in weight) compared to the cars using the conventional hydraulic brake technology. 

BMW Joins the Brake-by-wire System Trend

BMW’s Convertible and Coupe series recently adapted the brake-by-wire system. According to reports, BMW targets to employ this system to all their conventional or engine cars. However, there are some skeptics on this move since not all professional drivers get used to this mechanism.

Other car models that adapted the brake-by-wire system include Hybrid Toyota Estima, Prius Hybrid, Mercedes Benz E, and Lexus RX 400h.