AI is Revolutionizing Agriculture


The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) already reached the agriculture sector. This after leading AI companies, including Prospera, Ceres, Climate Corporation, and Farmers Edge confirmed that agricultural AI equipment is already available in the market.

According to Daniel Koppel, Chief Executive Officer of Prospera, a lot of wine manufacturers are employing AI to ensure premium products.  Koppel said that it is easy now to identify which portion of the vineyard needs more water, as well as what area got the excess fertilizer.

He added that AI companies utilized drones to carry out analysis and tracking of specific details. Among the data that AI can feed include: when is the best time to plant, when to water the plant, when to apply fertilizer, and when to harvest the crops.  

Koppel shared some basics on how AI works on plants. He said that AI drones are equipped with a powerful thermal scanner. The thermal scanner is capable of penetrating the plant’s cell in cross-section level.

Koppel also revealed that there are companies that integrated AI to the water sprinklers, satellites, and planes to check vivid details such as which plant is attacked by caterpillars, succumbed by weeds, or infested with fungi.

This innovation is a huge lift, not only to the wine producers but to the other commercial plantations as well.

Aside from increasing food production, the intrusion of AI to agriculture is also deemed to be very helpful in saving the environment. In fact, Koppel said that Prospera’s advanced AI technology allowed greenhouse growers to cut the use of synthetic fertilizer by 30 percent. AI also saves a lot of water since watering the plants has become more systematic.

Koppel said that the power of AI has a long way to go. The CEO pointed out that the agriculture sector can expect more benefits from AI in the coming months or years.