ACS Publishes a Study- Ways to Survive Cancer IDENTIFIED


There’s an increase in cancer survivors in the U.S., but the patients’ challenges are still overwhelming.

According to Robin Yabroff from the American Cancer Society (ACS), the rough estimate of survivors this 2019 alone is 16.9 million. He noted that 68% of the total patients are 5-6 years old. With this data, ACS hopes that more people will be spared from the threat of this disease in the coming years.

ACS also published a study that identified the reasons for surviving cancer. Based on their research, immediate support (especially from the family) and demographic shifts play a vital role in surviving this illness.

What it Takes to Endure Cancer

  1. Unbearable Pain. Suffering from too much pain is the usual agony of cancer patients. But with the help of modern technology, advanced medications are already used to alleviate any kind of chronic pain.
  2. Race Gap. Based on records, the survival rate for black patients is significantly lower compared to white breeds.  Up to the press time, doctors are yet to provide reasons for this seemingly ‘racial’ cancer threat.
  3. Acceptance. It is not easy to be diagnosed with cancer; hence, a lot of people find it hard to accept the fact. Some of them might even attempt to end their life.
  4. Shortage of Funds. A lot of people will survive cancer if they only have enough money. This is because treating cancer requires advanced equipment and costly medicines. Maybe one way to resolve this is to intensify the reach of the government’s health service.

Indeed, we can help the patients survive this life-threatening disease by letting them feel that they are the most special creature living on the planet. Support cancer organizations now and see how it fulfills your life.